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Urimil Mini Yakgwa (Mini Fired Honey Cake made of Domestic Wheat)
Type Cookie (Fried)
Centent (Weight) 30g x 15ea Origin Korea
Specifications 230 x 110 x 85mm Manufacturer Agricultural Corporation
Damyang Hangwa Myungjin Food Co., Ltd
Retail Price 15.000 Wholesale Price  

- Ingredients: Wheat (domestic) 75%, Malt (Corn) Tatty 12%, Rice (domestic) 5%, Sugar, and Corn Oil (imported).
- Nutrients [one pack for one time (30g) / total 15 times (450g)
Iitem Calorie Carbohydrate Sugars Protein Fat Saturated
fatty acid
Transfat Cholesterol Sodium
Mini Yakgwa 135kcal 21g(6%) 3g 1g
5g(10%) 0g(0%) 0g Omg
Contents for one-time supply *Percent of nutrient standard: Ratio per daily nutrient standard

Specific Features This is traditional Yakgwa made using domestic wheat and domestic glutinous rice. It’s not sweet and low-greasy. It has the size to be taken at a mouth and is a good snack regardless sex and age.
Package One pack has 4 pieces and 15 packs are packaged in a box.(1 pack x 4ea)
Storage Keep the product at a cool and dry place avoiding direct sunlight.
Lifecycle Six months from the date of manufacture