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Aroohwa Chapssalsanja (Aroohwa Glutinous Rice Oil-Honey Pastry)
Type Cookie (Fried)
Centent (Weight) 120g Origin Korea
Specifications 180 x 110 x 60mm Manufacturer Agricultural Corporation
Damyang hangwa Myungjin Food Co., Ltd
Retail Price 4.800 Wholesale Price  
Assortment - Ingredients: Glutinous Rice (domestic) 70%, Malt (Corn) Tatty 15%, Rice (domestic) 10%, Bean Oil (imported), and ginger (domestic) 1%.
- Nutrients [one piece for one time (40g) / total three times (120g)

Iitem Calorie Carbohydrate Sugars Protein Fat Saturated
fatty acid
Transfat Cholesterol Sodium
Aroohwa Chapssalsanja
Glutinous Rice
Oil Honey Pastry)
125kcal 23g
7g 1g
0g Omg
Contents for one-time supply *Percent of nutrient standard: Ratio per daily nutrient standard
Specific Features The taste is not sweet but light.
This product is packaged for easy storage.
Package Three pieces are packaged.(Total 3 pieces)
Storage Keep the product at a cool and dry place avoiding direct sunlight.
Lifecycle Six months from the date of manufacture