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Hanmaeum #3-1
Type Cookies
Weight 337g Origin Korea (Damyang, Jeonnam)
Specifications 280 x 210 x 50mm Manufacturer Agricultural Corporation
Damyang hangwa Myungjin Food Co., Ltd
Retail Price 13,000 Wholesale Price  

- Assortment
SsalyeogGangjeong (Rice Malt Fried Glutinous Rice Cake)
- Assortment of upper and lower layers is the same.

※ The constituents of above shown products may be somewhat changed by season.

Specific Features This is a Small Gift Set for comfortable tasting of various kinds of Gang Jeong (Fried Glutinous Rice Cake), Yak Gwa (Fried Honey Cake), Mae Jak Gwa (Apricot-Sparrow Cookie), and Jeong Gwa (Honey-preserved Fruits) and is suitable as the memorials of events, return presents, and gifts.
Package The products are individually packed and arranged in 2 layers.
Storage Keep the product at a cool and dry place avoiding direct sunlight.
Lifecycle Six months from the date of manufacture