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Type Cookies (Hangwa Gift Set)
Weight 894g (Content) Origin Korea (Damyang, Jeonnam)
Specifications 465 x 410 x 105mm Point Damyang hangwa is a popular product to the customers who wants to be recognized of their dignity.
Retail Price 100,000

※ Composition (2 layers)
-Upper layer: Jeonggwa (Honey-preserved Fruits: Orange, Lotus Root, and Walnut), Dasik (Pattern-Pressed Candy: Bean and Grape), Mini Chapssalyakgwa (Mini Fried Honey Cake of Glutinous Rice), Gangjeong (Fried Glutinous Rice Cake: White Rice, Opuntia, Mulberry Leaves, Black Rice, Gardenia, Sesame, Perilla Seed, Sorghum, Barley, Job’s Tear, Black Sesame, Pine Nut, and Sesame-covered Chocolate), Maejakgwa (Apricot-Sparrow Cookie: Bamboo Leaves, Gardenia, and Opuntia), and Yugwa Ball (Oil-Honey Pastry Ball: Opuntia and Mulberry Leaves)

- Lower layer: Yugwa (Oil-Honey Pastry: Glutinous Rice, Opuntia, Mulberry Leaves, Sweet Pumpkin, and Black Rice), Gangjeong (Fried Glutinous Rice Cake: Opuntia, Mulberry Leaves, Gardenia, and Heukmigwa), and Chap Ssal Yak Gwa (Fried Honey Cake of Glutinous Rice)

Specific Features The assortment upgrades the level of the gift set; in the well arranged soft flower pattern container, high grade hangwa is packaged in 2 layers.
Package The container is a 2-layer paper box; Yugwa (Oil-Honey Pastry) and Sanja (Oil-Honey Pastry) are packed in air-tight bags for good storage and, before shipment, the wood box is packed with a kerchief and with a box.
Package Keep the product at a cool and dry place avoiding direct sunlight.
Lifecycle Until December 10, 2009